Marriage with Ficus Tree to get marry soon

It happens many times that people are advised to marry a tree as a remedy to get rid of the bad (inauspicious) positions of planets in their birth chart. In this post, I am going to divert your attention to a topic about which nobody thinks.

When is it advised to marry with a tree?

When there is influence of the planet Mars in the 7th house of your birth chart, there is Rahu’s sight, influence of Saturn, or any other planet that is considered as bad influences the 7th house, and the priest does not understand anything and despite giving several remedies nothing works out, then it is advised to marry a tree.

When several planets affect the 7th house of your birth chart, then it is not good for the first husband or first wife and often, it leads to the situation of second marriage.

It happens with most of the people that after getting married they realize that they have better options than the person that they have married. The person gets entangled in this confusion and a love triangle is formed in his/her life. One thing is sure in such cases that the second marriage can only take place after the first gets over.

If there are ‘yog’ or chances of two marriages, then the astrologers will come to know about it within a minute. However, it needs to be evaluated properly. In such situations, it is essential that the astrologer should tell the person that till the time the situation of second marriage does not occur, the person should have one marriage in such a way that it has no relation with a person. The first marriage should rather be carried out with a root, tree or a pot made of clay.

Who should not marry with a tree?

For a ‘tree wedding’, it is essential that the birth chart should have the ‘yog’ or chances of two marriages. If your wedding is going on well and you go for tree wedding either voluntarily or after following the inadequate knowledge or irrelevant advice, then this would lead to your second marriage. And you know it very well that many people get shocked after hearing about the second marriage. Continue Reading…….

Have Questions? Just ask with your birth details.

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